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Thanksgiving 2013WOW…we look like a perfectly normal family here. It’s kind of like; who are those people? I don’t know how it goes for most families, but trying to get our family to quit talking and actually pose for a picture is almost impossible. Actually…it’s impossible! I promise I’m not about to start posting family albums all the time. I just thought you might get a kick out of a few awkward family photos.  Have a blessed weekend. Smooches xoxothanksgiving 2013 2{I can’t even begin to tell you what is being said during this pic, but I can tell you it’s completely inappropriate and every-one of us is on the edge of cracking up}thanksgiving 2013 3{OMG, Brad has that, just shot me now look. Is that Mimi or Miley next to me? Lauryn, The Skinny Confidential is still talking “*#@!#$.” Faye of Evillarts has her eye on you. Nanzy…umm…what is that? Myles, Micheal and Mark are not going to let us subject them to an awkward photo and me…well I have watched way to many episodes of SNL The Californians}xoxo, Julie

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