Baked brie is on the menu

baked brieOkay…I know; How come I up with this stuff and I’m not just huge? Well, I’m not huge because most of the time I eat incredibly healthy and I work out almost daily. It seems to work for me; that way when I decide I’m going to make baked Brie once a year as an appetizer for company…I can splurge a little and indulge in the creamy delicious decadence of this irresistible combination. It’s like creamy, chewy, sweet, salty, nutty crunch all in one bite.

The crust is supper easy, because I use Pillsbury large crescent rolls. You just wrap it around the Brie…make it as pretty as possible and presto; you have a beautiful and delicious appetizer. The recipe is below, enjoy and smooches xoxox.
baked briebaked brie 2Rosemary pine nuts cranberriesRosemary, pine nuts and cranberriesbaked briexoxo, Julie

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    1. Hey Tiana,

      It is so good and unfortunately I still have some left. I keep creeping into the kitchen and taking just a little pinch…about 6 time a day. Geezzz, somebody save me from myself! xo

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