bar cart style crush

1be10274f2d583a4be948d7192af6fd0Seriously, I do have a crush on bar carts, bar trays; any bar that is perfectly displayed. A bar can look messy, dirty and cluttered. Or a bar can look perfectly organized with its shimmering crystal glassware and multiple handsome and sexy bottles. See what I mean…just using the word sexy and handsome with a bar cart makes them sound so crushable…right?

I think for me the interest is bar display goes back to my parents home where I grew up. My parents had this huge entryway with closet doors lining the length of the wall. My father had a peek-a-boo wet bar build into one of the closets. It was a breathtaking surprise! He had a ceremonious ritual when we entertained; he would pull open the double doors elegantly revealing the perfectly lit bling-drama. You could almost hear the Angels singing. The walls and ceiling were mirrored with clear glass shelves containing every possible bucket/stemware shimmering with beams of light. It was a stunning display and I adored it.

What  bar cart style crush do you have????
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