Beach cottage Christmas

Little bird in the Christmas centerpieceHappy Friday! Have you been decking your halls? Shit…it’s a load of work; right? I don’t remember it being so difficult, but then this year was a little unusual.

Here’s how decking my halls flowed. First the rain came. Yes, I said rain. I know it never rains here, but we finally got some. Then Murphy had another one of his seizures, “this one terrified us” so into the house he came. Along with Murphy came a new big ortho-dog bed, of course Clyde too. Then before you know it, in walks Brad with his laptop and mounds of paper stacks and plops down at the table to settle in.

OMG…not sure if you’re catching my drift or not, but living at the beach is awesome, so don’t get me wrong, but honestly…it’s a freaking small house! By yesterday I was a CRAZY lady with total claustrophobia SCREAMING to be set free.

Ahhh…sigh…breath, I’m better now and really love being surrounded by Christmas, Brad, my family, friends, dogs and especially Murphy who pulled through again.

God, Thank You, we are grateful! Have a blessed weekend! Smooches xoxo
Christmas centerpiece

Christmas decor

Wreaths for Christamas

woody Christmas pillow

Murphy my love

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