beach retreat bathroom update

beach cottage bathroom I know the tile is still ugly, but at least it’s a little fresher then when we started this project. In the shower we were able to grout over the blue with white…huge improvement. However, we couldn’t get the grout to work on the counters. Look below at the bottom of this post for the before photo.beach cottage mirror{The mirror is huge, heavy and anchored to the wall, so it stays. Is it just me or does it look like an owl face?  Any-who,I painted it white along with all the walls and cabinets}. cottage bathroom{I removed the cabinet doors to open up the space and replaced them with baskets}towel basket{The baskets are from Home Goods and the towels are from Target}beach cottage bathroom counter{A few little accessories, glass box from Home Goods, mirror tray from Bon-Bon Home, serve as extra storage and helps hide the ugly tile}beach cottage tp holder{With limited space and storage a shell bowl from Bloomingdale’s serves as extra TP storage} beach cottage diy{the sweet little view into the garden from the bathroom}home make over project{Before…}xoxo, Julie

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