Burrata cheese and egg breakfast stack

Burrata and egg breakfast stack

Hey Loves, Happy Monday! So, get ready for what’s ahead…I’m tackling another bikini season ahead of me.

With the inevitable exposure quickly looming over me, I’m on a mission to firm up and drop a few LB’s.

I started with a harder than usual workout, introducing yoga, tennis, bike riding and swimming “dreading the swimming,” just saying!

I’m already seeing and feeling the results of pushing myself to go to yoga, even when it sounds like something I don’t want to do. I managed to get there four times last week, two hard tennis sessions and have ditched my car keys in exchange for biking everywhere.

Beef steak tomator for a burrata breakfast stack

Hot house tomato for burrata breakfast stack

Now it’s time to start watching what I eat. I’m not saying the word diet because; it’s not really a diet. It’s more about making better choices about what I put in my body. For example, bread and starchy carbs are out for now.

With all this working out I’m doing, my body has to be fueled properly or I will absolutely crash and burn. So, instead of the usual poached egg and English muffin…with butter, as in seriously too much butter, I opted for this egg and tomato stack.

It was crazy delicious and tuned out to be a perfect breakfast to fuel my day.

Burrata cheest tomato breakfast stack with cherry balsamic and pesto

What you need:

One organic ripe hothouse tomato
One organic free-range egg hard-poached egg
Fresh organic basil
A dollop of burrata cheese or buffalo mozzarella
A drizzle of cheery balsamic
A dollop of basil pesto
Lemon pepper to tastes

And that is how easy this recipe is…enjoy and I will keep you posted on my bikini progress, “yikes”! Smooches xoxo

burrata cheese and egg breakfast stack 800

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