california avocado egg rolls

Avocado egg rolls with sweet chilie honey and cilantro get saucedI know I sound like I eat everything in sight and that what ever I make is the most amazing ever…right? What you don’t see are the bloopers. Just consider this; with four sometimes ten people eating at my house at least five days a week, you only get to see one of the meals I prepare. This is not to suggest that the other six days of the week everyone at my house is eating my reject post, but yep, they kind-of are.

Drum roll please… This week’s absolutely outstanding dish is California avocado egg roll with sweet chili honey and cilantro get sauced (or, substitute with cilantro vinaigrette).  I served this as a main dish with roasted corn with sweet chili honey butter. The recipe is below and guess what? I have to get my face off this computer so I can go make round two for five people.  Oh yah, that’s the other reveal-Mondays menu is always cooked on Sunday. It’s the only time I can cook while there is still good light.  Smooches and have a perfect week!

Note: Egg roll wrap here; sun dried tomato here Trader Joes; California avocado here… Not paid advertisement.

avocado egg rollsAvocado egg rollsavocado egg rollsavocado egg rollsAvocado egg rollsAvocado egg rolls with sweet chilie honey and cilantro get saucedAvocado egg rolls with sweet chilie honey and cilantro get sauced.xoxo, Julie

    1. Jonnie, that is so funny! I hate it when that happens. A little truth on Brads red-chili honey…he soaks and cooks down dried red chili’s and then mashes them into the honey. I’m not certain of the rest (Mr. top secret). I hope this helps a little bit and I’m glad you’re here.

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