california avocado pesto pizza

avocado pesto pizzIt gets pretty obvious when I’m to flipping busy to cook or post for that matter. Yesterday is a blur…I had a horrible issue with getting my sons insulin. Long story short, “I’m pissed off “and writing just about every governing authority I can find.   That’s the two-second version on my Monday and I’m hoping yours was off to a better start than mine. Additionally, I’m hoping you will cut me some slake for the supper easy 15 minute meal. Sometimes you just got-ta use what you have.

I grabbed the self -rising wheat dough from Whole Foods Market. Everything else I had on hand. Follow the cooking instructions on the bag. Roll out the dough, through it on a pizza pan, crimp up the edges, spread generously with organic pesto, top with whatever cheese you have on hand. I used goat and Havarti. Cook the darn stupid pizza dinner, top with fresh sliced avocado, squeezed lemon and drizzle with balsamic. I used fig glaze balsamic from Whole Foods Market. Whoosh your done!  Smooches xoxo

wheat pizza doughwheat pizza doughPesto pizzapesto cheese pizzaavocado pesto pizzaavocado pesto cheese pizzaxoxo, Julie

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