california cottage living…and i should put my stuff where?


california cottageOkay, I’m back from the move and honestly it was hard! If I could give the move a theme, I would call it; where the hell am I going to put all this crap?  Check out some of my storage solutions. I’m not certain I could or would want to live this minimalistic forever, but for now, I’m totally in and going to embrace it. Making every day an event can mean you have to work a little, but at least it’s an event! smooches and xoxoxcalifornia cottage Using every spare inch for storage is all about getting creative with the placement of the storage items. Brad and I are sharing a closet, “OMG,” I know! However, I’m brilliant enough to place his and her zip up jackets, sweat shirts, sweaters and scarves to the blue chest by the front door. This reduces what has to go in the closet and proves to be brilliant placement due to the fact that it’s ass bite cold walking the dogs in the morning and night…so, grab something warm on the way out. Our challenge will be to collect those warm items back from our friends after an evening dinner on the deck…California cottage livingOh-no, that armoire is anything but empty and the burlap bags up top have those item’s you only need when you travel. Let no space go un-stuffed.  The room was oblong and gave me just enough space to pull the armoire forward to help create a false wall. Behind the wall is much needed extra storage. Cozy-Cozy… :0/ california cottage storage ideasWhat? You need a blanket, or a back massage, or flip flops for the beach walk? There under the coffee table…kitchen cabinetsNo problem here…I just came from 8 cabinets for dishes to 2. Can you say catering plates… windowWith only two cabinets to accommodate dishes, the pitches and misfit must haves went in the sun window. “Is that what that’s called”? The space also serves as CCU for my neglected orchids.xoxo, Julie

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