Cauliflower couscous with lime and avocado

cauliflower couscousHowdy loves. So, I’m not going take up your time with small talk, because OMG…OMG I’m not kidding this is so flipping good! I will never have ordinary couscous again. You have to…have to try this! The Bomb-dizzle delish! You can even do it raw, but the cooked version was just so darn yummy. Just think about the flavor possibilities? It’s endless…right? Let me know when you try it. Enjoy and smooches xoxo

cauliflower couscous 3

cauliflower couscous with lime and advocadoRecipe Ingredients:

One large cauliflower
¼ chopped cilantro
2 Tbl toasted pine nuts
2 Limes
2 Tbl butter or olive oil
1 Avocado
1 glove of garlic chopped
½ Chopped sweet onion browned in olive oil and set aside
Lemon pepper and sea salt to taste

Toast the pine nuts and lightly season. Brown the chopped onion in a little olive oil and set the pan aside. Chop the cilantro for garnish and set aside. Clean and dry the cauliflower. Break the raw cauliflower into workable pieces. Use a food processor or simply grate the cauliflower into couscous-sized pieces. Squeeze one lime into the cauliflower couscous and season with lemon pepper and a little sea salt. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter or olive oil in the pan with the onion. Stir in the cauliflower couscous and cover on medium heat for about 5 to 7 minutes or until desired consistency. Optional: melted lime garlic butter for extra flavor. Garnish with cilantro and pine nuts.

cauliflower couscous 4

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