Cauliflower instead of pasta

cauliflower chicken bowlHey Loves! I’m not even going to ask this question; However, I always feel a little better when I get a shout-out that I’m not alone in my crazy head. Anyone besides me try on bathing suits/bikinis over the past few weeks?

Well…I did…and then I didn’t…and then I vowed to stop starchy carbs for a while. I mean seriously, WTF is that stuff I see in the mirror? Seriously, WHAT IS that?

So obviously I’m over it! Here is what we are going to do about it. Instead of pasta with lemon and butter we are trying something new. We are replacing pasta with cauliflower. I promise…I would not tell you a lie…this is a fab recipe for easy, healthy and skinny eating.

P. S. I don’t even care if I ware a bikini; I just don’t want that *&^%$#@ mirror ever looking like that again! Just-saying. Smooches and xoxo

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  1. Wow! So easy and oh so tasty. This will be added to my regular meal rotation… I did add some freshly grated parm & sriracha (I live for that red spicy sauce).
    Thank you for sharing this recipe… your faith, ideas, and good words always inspire.
    Cheers Lovely Lady!

    1. Hi Kyokie,

      I’m so glad you like the recipe and I love the spicy addition. Also, I appreciate your kind words.


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