champagne peach spritzer

champagne spritzerHello Loves! One more day to go and then we get another beautiful weekend to appreciate. Oh-and it’s an Easter weekend so, that makes it even more special. Thinking of Easter…is it just me, or did Easter kind-of sneak up on us this year? I’m totally not prepared for the annual brunch, which btw I love to host. I could sure use some new brunch ideas “hello…that would be you helping me out…please?”

Here’s an idea for you. How good does a glass of Champagne sound infused with peaches??? Seriously…you know how I have to check out my own recipes to make sure they fly, or won’t kill you. Can you picture the jar half empty and me…just a little tipsy? Delish or should I say de-lush? Smooches and the recipe at on the last pic. xoxo
Champagne peach sprtizer Champagne peach spritzerChampagne peach spritzerChampagne peach spritzerChampagne peach spritzerChampagnepeach spritzer recipexoxo, Julie

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