Cheesecake cookies, super easy recipe

cheesecake cookiesHowdy Loves, happy Monday. Are you with me on this…nothing can replace an amazing, thick, creamy New York cheesecake? Well, this is not a replacement, but it sure is an easy and satisfying quick option. These little cookies took all of 30 minutes to make. I used light cream cheese, reduced the sugar to about 1/3 of cup instead of a full cup of brown sugar and used Truvia to replace the sugar in the filling.

I found the recipe here on my Pinterest recipe board “BTW…follow me please?” and then just made the above modifications. Yum…right? Smooches and xoxo
cheesecake cookies 2

Cheesecake cookies 3

Cheesecake cookies 4

Cheesecake cookies 5

Cheesecake cookies 6

Cheesecake cookies are on the menu.Recipe origination from Kitchme


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