chicken caprese burrito is on the menu

chicken caprese borittoClearly I’m not over my addiction to caprese. Or, maybe my car is in the shop and I couldn’t get to the store to prepare the pear tart I had planned? Hmm, the guess is yours? I  picked up a roasted chicken, so we would have a quick food fix for anyone…aka Myles who comes home saying, “Ma-ma” feed me in the most annoying yet adorable way. Still left with one half of the chicken, a couple of vine tomatoes, mozzarella and my new favorite thing, a tiny basil Tuscan Topiary. I was able to pull together an awesome little snack and just had to share it with you. Here is the link to my usual caprese. Mix together the caprese in bite size pieces instead of the classic stack. Add some cubed chicken breast, tortilla to wrap and a little arugula. Super yummy and enjoy! Smooches xoxocapreseTuscan topiaryChicken caprese borritochicken caprese chicken capresechicken capresxoxo, Julie

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