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sangriaAs promised…here is the pre set up for tomorrows Cinco de drinko celebration. This is the sample batch of Sangria. You know how important it is to test the product ahead of time…guess that gives you an idea of how I will spend the rest of my evening? Test-test-test, after-all someone has to be a taste guinea pig.   ;0)mustache glass how tooSo…here is the fast how to…Google mustache images. There are tons that have full pages of different mustache images on one page. Print out the images, cut out the mustache shape, tape it onto the glass and trace with a sharpie. Pull off the tape, fill in the tape gap with the sharpie and then paint inside the trace marks with black glass surface paint. I used Martha Stewart found at Micheal’s. The paint drys pretty fast, but it’s incredibly forgiving if you catch it in time.sangria barcinco sangriaFor the Sangria…I used a Cabernet moderately priced (no box on wine served here). These portions are based on using one bottle of wine, so multiply the ingredients if you are serving a larger ground. One bottle of wine, 1/3 cup of orange triple sec, 2 cans of Hansens’s mandarin lime cane soda, 2 sliced oranges, 3 sliced limes, 2 squeezed limes, 4 cuties sliced, 2 cuties squeezed and be sure to have extra for garnish.  Most sangria’s require brandy added. I omit the brandy because I get a monster headache when I mix alcohol.  If you choose to add brandy, most recipes call for 1/4 cup to one bottle of wine.  So…that’s the scoop!  Have a festive Cinco, be safe and love to all of you. xoxoxoxo, Julie

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