coconut cake cups are on the menu

coconut cake cupsIf coconut is a super food, can we consider coconut bunt cake with butter-cream icing and whipped cream topper, healthy? Hmm, I’m thinking no. But, some things are definitely worth being bad. Going for the kill on the ultimate coconut cake cup is a total diet buster, but worth every decadent bite.

This is the dessert I created for the baby shower I styled over the weekend. I found an easy recipe on the blog, Cooking with Jennifer for the cake and opted to do my own twist for the filling/topping and of course you know me…presentation is everything. A twist on the traditional slice of cake or cupcake was to place layered cake circles in a clear cup and top off with an adorable wooden spoon.


Cake: Cooking with Jennifer
Butter cream icing: Sprinkles butter-cream, the first layer on top of cake
Whipped Cream: My recipe here and mix in 1 bag of Bakers coconut and chill
Wooden Spoons: Esty

Cut the circles with a cookie cutter or just bake cupcakes and cut them in half. Layer the first circle of cake with the chilled butter-cream and then use an ice cream scoop to layer the second icing layer whipped cream mixed with coconut that has been chilled. Repeat the process and top off with toasted coconut. Serve chilled…
coconut cake cupscoconut cake cupscoconut cake cupscoconut cake cupscoconut cake cupscoconut cake cupscoconut cake cupscake cupsxoxo, Julie

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  1. These are adorable. What size pan did you use to bake these and how long did you have them cook for. It looks different than what is in recipes site.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I used a 9×13 backing dish and then used two different size cookie cutters to cut the cake into circles. I stayed pretty true to the recipe and the truth is I’m not the best baker, because I don’t have the patience to measure everything like I should. However, these were delish!


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