cool as a cucumber is on the menu

cucumber saladI’m not going to complain…too much, but it is flip-en hot in Encinitas California today! So hot, that there is no way I’m turning that oven on; (It’s probably apparent that hot air makes me grumpy) “SORRY!” Hate to break the bad news to my family, but they can look forward to salads and more salad like this one until my coastal weather comes back (eye roll-gasp and a violent wave of my hand fan).

A cool salad for a hot day. This cucumber salad is so easy and really refreshing. As a substitute for sugar, I recommend truvia. All the other ingredients are perfect for fit and light eating. Hope you enjoy…I’m chill-en with my head in the fridge. Smooches xoxo
cucumber saladcucumber saladcucumber salad cucumber saladcucumber saladxoxo, Julie

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