couscous parmesan pesto salad

couscous parmesan pesto saladHello lovey’s! Welcome to Monday. I was a grown up behaving badly all weekend. We had a blast with special friends in town and took full advantage of every possible moment to get together. Having said that, I found myself screwed for today’s post with nothing in the house to prepare. Hmmm, here we go again. What to make, what to make?  Well dah, couscous salad! This is a total recipe about using what you have. I had one head of romaine, pesto, parmesan couscous, black beans, mozzarella a couple of almost old tomatoes and a half used purple onion.  It’s completely delicious and it’s a bonus that its pretty straight forward healthy too.  Hope you love it.  Smooches and see you tomorrow.romain leaves black beans and couscousmozzarella frescacouscous saladpesto dressingcouscous saladxoxo, Julie

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