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PicMonkey Collage 5e2c5b671ce0295d63ac68912ad4aa44Burrr, winter just made its first appearance with buckets of rain and a “POW” blast of cold air when you open the door. It’s definitely time to cozy up the home, snuggle a little, or a lot, light the fireplace (or in my case the candles), grab warm socks a super cozy blanket curl up and sip warm hot chocolate. Awe I can almost taste the comfort now…

Here is a little inspiration from my Pinterest Boards Cozy and Adorable makes me smile (BTW follow me please). The image sources are at the bottom of the post and I know where to get the super cool knitted bedding. Send me a message if you want to know? Keep-n it cozy…smooches and xoxxo

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Image Sources and Inspiration: Via Pinterest, Tub from PlumPrettyTumblr, Room with a view via Ness Lockyer Pin, Cozy room via Luca Blue Tumblr , Pinterest via Nordic Leaves Blog,xoxo, Julie

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