Crepes, lemon chicken & veggie

lemon chicken crepesHappy flip-pin hump day! Disclaimer…you see the word flip-pin with me, prepare yourself for one of my rants…sorry in advance!

Do you ever have one of those days that stress you out, because there just isn’t enough of you to go around? You get pulled in 10 different directions…saying yes to everyone who is pulling on you? You say yes, because you try and please everyone and don’t put yourself first…EVER! Well do you have those days? If you don’t, help a girl out here and maybe a few others by sharing your secret? Seriously, I know I’m ranting, but WTF? I’m beginning to think that maybe I don’t have ADD at all. Maybe it’s all about people around me? Am I alone here?

Geeezzzz…okay, breath Julie…breathe! Hum, I’m better all ready. Sorry about that.

Let’s talk about what does make my life a little easier. My local Seaside Market that has yummy marinated chicken and pre-packaged veggies for sautéing. All I need to do is bake the chicken and sauté the veggies and I’m set. However, I don’t do that. I decide to make crapes, something I have never made before. I think I should start making videos of me cooking. You would die…I look like a crazy bag lady and I flipped the first few crepes on the floor. I failed so miserably on one flip that it landed on my neck and shoulder. Charming…right?

On the flip side, the crepes were yummy. I am defiantly walking away from the computer and drinking a glass bottle of wine. Cheers and smooches xoxo

seaside stuff

bake the chicken

crepe recipe


saucecrepe assemblexoxo, Julie



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