Crusted Caprese Salad

crusted caprese saladHappy Monday! I’m hoping you a fabulous 4th of July. Ours was pretty predictable; beach, beach and yep beach again.

Todays menu is a little change up on one my favorites, a caprese salad. I had a craving for fried mozzarella. I know…so not good for me, but sometimes you just have to be bad. I took the pre-sliced mozzarella coated in in egg and the then coated it in seasoned panko flakes and placed it in a pan lightly coated with olive oil. Cook both sides of the mozzarella on high until golden brown.

What you need:
Panko flakes
Olive oil
Heirloom tomatoes
Sliced mozzarella
Salt and pepper
Olive oil and balsamic dressing

crusted caprese salad


crusted caprese salad

crusted caprese saladxoxo, Julie


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