del mar opening day tomorrow

So, life in Del Mar becomes a completely different experience when the Del Mar race track has opening day.   Opening day is tomorrow.   Some of us flock to participate.   Some of us don’t…    I’m somewhere in-between.

Tonight my vacation begins!  Such an amazing feeling to turn the phone OFF!   I had an amazing day just knowing tomorrow was coming and no pressure awaits me.   I took my car to the shop to adjust the A C for the desert trip, worked from my i phone while I waiting, found a cute shirt, met Brad at the newly remodeled Brigantine Del Mar for one last taco Tuesday before the race track takes over the town.  We had a blast and I’m so excited about having some time for me and maybe even you?  If you come up with anything you want me to post, or try, please ask me?  I always need ideas?   Love to all,  and looking forward to the week ahead and making everyday an event… xoxoxox

xoxo, Julie

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