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DIY gold lampshade by Burlap and CrystalOkay, seriously…the simplest DIY project ever! I mentioned that I was re-organizing my home office etc. the past few days, because the weather has been less then perfect and I’m a little housebound. Well…while I was taking pictures of my newly organized office space to share with you, I pulled my head out of the camera and said out load “the lamp looks like crap.”

This leads me share with you my must have on hand for any spare of the moment DIY project.

1. A glue gun
2. Staple gun
3. Scissors
4. Small hammer, Phillips screw driver, small nails and screws
5. Spray paint, gold, white and black
6. Painters tape and paper
7. Twin and ribbon
8. Butter and Lemon, because if you get hungry those two items make everything taste better

This DIY lampshade took all of 10 minutes and gave this totally boring lamp just enough bling to keep me happy for a while.

Let us know if you give it a try? Smooches and xoxo
DIY gold lampshadegold shade 3DIY gold lampshade burlap and crystalDIY gold lampshade from Burlap and Crystalxoxo, Julie

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