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beachy autumn decorFor those of you who follow my blog, it comes as no surprise that I live at the beach and because of that, my personal style is deeply immersed into California casual. It’s not my only design style and maybe not even my favorite, but there’s no point in fighting it. We have sand and flip-flops everywhere. If I can’t beat the sand, I’ll use the sand.

The cottage is small and we have huge pieces of colorful art, so when it comes to holiday or seasonal decorating, I try to keep it festive, but neutral so it doesn’t fight with the space. The diy style recipe and instruction are at the read more below. BIG sticky note to self…white pumpkins in water after about three days smell like DEATH! As in I almost lost my lunch when I walked in after being gone most of the day. Cute idea for the same day entertaining only.beachy autumn decorbeachy autumn decorsand pumpkinsbeachy autumn decorDIY style recipe hereIngredients:

1. Large glass vase
2. 1 bunch of curly willow
3. 5 to 6 white mini pumpkins and gourds
4. 8 to 10 mini assorted pumpkins
5. 10 starfish
6. Cinnamon pine cones
7. Sand (I got mine at the beach) a pet store has reptile sand that works great
8. Brown and silver glitter Michaels
9. Glue or mod podge Michaels


For the vase, put the curly willow in first and then place the pumpkins, gourds and starfish in the vase and try to have them artfully displayed. Note: the pumpkins stink after they have been in water for a few days, so use this for a same day entertaining centerpiece or décor only.

Put your sand in a bowl and mix in some glitter, just enough to give it a little sparkle. Slather your pumpkins how every you want with glue or mod podge and dip it into the sand. Set on a sheet of paper to try. I just brushed the top tip of the pine-cone with glue and the dipped the tips into the sand. Once everything is dry, simply put the sandy pumpkins, pine-cones and starfish in a large bowl and enjoy the season.

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