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diy canister labelscanister labelsOkay,  this was not what I had planned to post today…at all. I had this great diy project for you, but I epically failed at it, as in totally botched it and as in completely screwed it up. I won’t give up on the concept, but it definitely got the best of me for now.

So, here you have my big idea for a recovery post, labels for my stupid plastic canisters. I actually hate the look of canister, but with absolutely no storage in my tiny-tiny kitchen the canisters have to be on the counter. If they have to be on the counter, let’s make them look better, but first run to the store to get printer ink…come home to discover you have to go back to the store for full sheet labels, “Geeezzz!” Now that you know how my day was…I hope yours was better! The how to recipe is at the end of the post. Smooches xoxo
pic monkey photo editoravery full sheet labelsdiy canister labelsdiy canister labelsdiy canister labelsDIY ingredients:

Printer ink…dah!
Avery full sheet shipping labels

DIY Canister recipe:

1. Upload a blank background picture into PicMonkey. In the edit features add a label overlay. I started with the larges one first sizing it to print on an 8×11 sheet of paper. Use the color in options to fill the overlay and the border. Once you have the color and size you want, right click and choose the move to the back option.
2. Insert text over the overlay. The font I used was animal small caps. Size the font to fit on top of your overlay shape. I colored my font in white, but get creative. There is no right or wrong way to do this.
3. Once your text and overlay look the way you want, save it to your desktop.
4. Open the picture and print onto a full sheet print label. I recommend a test print first on plan paper.
5. Repeat this process until you have all the labels you desire.
6. Once the labels are all printed cut them out and carefully adhere them to the canisters.
7. Note: these labels are sticky and won’t let you lift them after you set it on the glass or plastic. Also, if you are not familiar with PicMonkey…play with it and get comfortable before you try a project like this. xoxo, Julie

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