DIY Christmas gifts of joy

diy Christmas ballHey Loves, Happy Thursday! Now you know I wouldn’t let Christmas come and go without giving you a little quickie DIY, right? Everyone loves of quickie; right, or is that just me…ha-ha-ha-wink-smile?

For me it never fails, that as the holidays are rolling along and I think of people who I want to gift. Not in a huge break the bank kind of way, but in a thoughtful I didn’t forget you kind of way.

These little glitter balls are a snap and make a sweet little gift for next to nothing. You should go for it loves. It’s the easy little DIY ever!

Smooches, hugs and xoxo
roll in glitterA little quickie video tutorial…Enjoy!

tie with ribbon

tag it

box itChristmas diyWhat you need:

• Glitter and color, Martha Stewart
• Glass ornament balls, Michaels
• Glue
• Paintbrush
• Ribbon
• Tags, Staples
• Box
• Stuffing

How to DIY:

• Poor the glitter into a bowl
• Dip paintbrush into glue and dot or draw a line around the ball
• Do the same for the tags and set aside to dry
• Dip the glued ball into the glitter and move around to coat and let dry
• Attach pretty ribbon
• Stuff the box with filler; place the ball into the box
• And give the gift of joy. xoxo

xoxo, Julie

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