DIY Coasters

 DIY coastersSo how do I come up with this shit? Well, it goes like this. I have a client who needs me to do a faux stone finish on two mantles in her home, but we need to make some choices on what finish we want first.

So…hi-ho, hi-ho if off to Home Depot I go.

I head straight to the tile section and find tumbled tiles that resemble the mantels. They are bundled 8 for like $3.00. Super cheep right? I head home and quickly apply my glaze finishes to three of them and then think…hmmm, what can I do with the rest of the tiles.

Presto, there you have it…a coaster is born.

Quick little note before I give you the low down on how too, smooth finished tiles would be much better
Tile for diy coastersStep 1:
Get tiles from a home hardware store and in case you didn’t read above, a smooth tile would be much better for this project.
DIY coaster with cute paper.Step 2:
You will need cute scrapbook paper, glue or mod-podge, scissors, ruler, triple thick gloss glaze at a craft store, foam paint brush, adhesive felt, wax paper or a cookie rack will work great.

Whip the tile clean and remove all the dust.
diy coaster how tooStep 3:
Turn the cute side of the paper facing down. Place the tile on top and draw a border around the tile about a half-inch away from the tile.
Cut the paper on the line. Spread glue on the top of the tile and place paper on top and smooth out bubbles.
Cut the border at the corners up to the tile. Glue the edges and wrap the paper onto the sides and smooth out the bubbles.
Turn the tile over and finish the edges by applying glue and folding down the rest of the paper on the bottom of the tile.
felt on back of DIY coastersStep 4:
Wait for the glue to dry. Once the glue is dry apply the triple thick glaze to the tops and sides of the tile. I used wax paper, but discovered a cookie rack would have been much better, so you can manage the drips of the glaze. Wait for the top of the glaze to dry and turn the tile over to apply glaze on the rest of the paper edge.
Wait for the glaze to dry and apply adhesive felt from a craft store.
DIY coasters, step by step instructions.Easy-peazy right? Smooches loves and have a fab day. P S. I think these would be really cool done like agate with gold foil edges.xoxo, Julie

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  1. After looking for coasters and not pleased by the prices – this inspired me!

    I went out and bought the same tiles, a little cork paper, and gold leaf paint. I glued the cork on the bottom and since I really liked the texture of the tiles, I simply painted them different patterns (chevron, stripes,…) with the gold! LOVE love LOVE!

    Coaster (or lack there of) problem solved all because of you :))))

    1. Becca,

      I am thrilled! You are a DIY diva and I love-love that you to my idea and made it your own!You are a rock star! Smooches xoxo

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