DIY Designer Inspired desk essentials

designer inspired diyHappy Friday! First off, I hope your week was AWESOME!

Here is how this little project came to be. So, I’m taking Mimi to get her school supplies and can’t avoid fidgeting and finding little treasure. I see these rulers for 25 cents each. I think…hmm, I can come up with something!

So here you have it, designer inspired desk essentials. All the step-by-step instructions are at the read more located at the bottom of this post. Here is the designer breakdown, Kate Spade of course with the gold polka dots and mint green bling. Betsey Johnson is always all about fun flowers and my fav…after Kate Spade of course would have to be Burberry. Well…cute, or what? So easy and seriously, its just tape and paint…so easy!

Have a beautiful blessed weekend. Smooches xoxoxo
designer inspired 2

designer inspired ruler 3

diy designer inspired ruler

designer ispired desk essentialsDirections:

1. Tape off the numbers with painters tape.
2. Paint out the brand name on the front with primer or white acrylic paint.
3. When that dry’s paint the front of the ruler
4. Wait for the front to dry, then paint the back
5. Start your design,
6. For the Burberry, I just kept bringing in all the colors in layers adding to the pattern
7. For the Kate Spade dots, I use clear top coat and applied it the end of an eraser
8. Once you have the clear dots all applies sprinkle with glitter and let dry
9. Add a clear top coat to the back side and let dry
10. When back is dry, clear coat the front, let dry and remove tape

design inspired instructionshere… desk essentials

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