DIY Gift Basket

tsc basketIt’s 5:00AM and I’m up as usual, because there are not enough hours in a normal day, so I’m mooching them all together.

The house it totally quit, but my head sounds like this…

Why is Bow-peep (the neighbor hood cat) crying at my door?

Maybe I can give her one quit little snuggle and she can go on her way. But, oh-shit she runs into the house. Within two seconds she has gone missing inside. I loose interest in looking for her and head back to work.

My head…Santa Clause is coming to town.

Did I mention, I’m totally allergic to cats?

Bow-peep has just jumped up on my desk and is lying on my keyboard.

It’s too early to eat, but I’m kind-of hungry.

More coffee….

tsc macaroonsOkay…back to today’s post. Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential needed a few gift baskets put together so I thought I would share the process with you.

I kept a theme in mind. I thought white, clean and relaxation at the same time.

A great read, like The Skinny Confidential
Pretty flowers
A candle
A teacup
Coconut sugar
Bubble bath
Organic coconut soap
Macaroons for a little something sweet

Arrange everything neatly in a basket or container. Tie it off with a bow and there you have it…easy-peezy!


Why is this cat still inside? Smooches xoxo

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