DIY Herb Pots

diy herb pots 3Hi Loves, are you up for a simple little DIY project? I certainly hope so, because that’s what’s up for today.

You know how I love cooking and using fresh ingredients, so instead of running to the farmers market for fresh herbs, I thought I should just plant my own and put them in my kitchen window box to grow. Cool right?

I can’t say this is an original project that just popped into my head. I actually saw these on Pinterest, but forgot to PIN the picture to give credit. So, I’m hoping I don’t piss anyone off.

Take three terracotta and hand paint the bottom half in any color you want. I chose white. When the post dry write with shape the herb name along the line that separates the white and terracotta. Plant the seeds as per package instructions. I reserved about half of the seeds for a second planting then folded the seed pack and supported with a fork to stay with the plant.

Have fun loves and smooches xoxo
herb pots 2

diy herb pots

diy herb potsxoxo, Julie

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