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I know enough with the baby stuff already, right? This is the last one for a long time, I promise. “Actually I think I’m lying.”  I keep getting asked to make more, so I might have a little business going; we shall see…

Here is how this little post came along. My daughter Lauryn, The Skinny Confidential had a baby shower to attend and asked me to make a couple of onesies for a little girl. I created the iron on to include a little smooch on the bottom; after all, don’t you just want to kiss every baby and blow bubbles on their tummies.  OMG, I hope it’s not just me…that would make me sound like a freak!

Any-who you know me; I’m not going to just stick the gift in a bag. I thought a cupcake was a perfect idea opposed to the mustache last time. I used clear plastic cups, candy bags, cupcake liners and topped it all off with tissue paper crunched and rolled to make the frosting top. Well? What do you think, cute or not?onesie backbaby onesietissue paper frosting flowercute wrappingsmooches.mexoxo, Julie

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  1. Hello Julie,
    Love the onsies you’ve created. Did you design them…so adorable! Once you created the design, how do you go about getting it onto the onsie itself. I would love to know how to get t he image onto a T-shirt.



    1. Hi Michelle,
      I did create the onesie and design. It’s a little complicated and it actually was a real learning curve for me. I imported the images I created into word, then used word art to create the text. I printed the images onto iron on T-shirt transfer paper (you can find at a craft supply). The big trick is getting the text to convert in a mirror image, because once you go to iron the image on the text will end up backwards. In order to convert the text I had to buy a special printer. I’m happy to give you all the tips, supplies, printer I use etc. It’s probably too much info for this reply, but feel free to e-mail me and I will give you the whole scoop. Smooches and smiles.

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