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diy light fixtureHello! Did anyone miss me? I have gone completely missing for the past two weeks.  I know a few of you noticed and I appreciate the sweet messages. First off…I’m fine. No drama here, well maybe a little drama, but nothing that hit the local news paper “Thank God!” It’s as simple as this; a blogger is not a blogger without her appendage, as in camera.  It feels like you feel when one of your children goes off to camp without you and you ask yourself…well now what am I supposed to do?


Not having my camera, the recent move into this summer cottage and the sad events we have all been witnessing made me want to stand still for just a moment…breath, grieve and get my mind busy.


The cottage has become the landing spot for pretty much all celebrations with friends and family. Having said that, I have a few details that are driving me crazy with the cottage. This includes the lack of lighting over the table.  One quick trip to IKEA, cool burlap trim and my glue gun gave me a temporary fix for lighting.  “YES” I can see my food again!  I am still without my camera, but here is the cut to the chase how too on the iPhone. For directions click the read more link below.  Xoxox ikea shade diy light fixtureIDEA diy lamp shade

  • diy light fixturediy light fixturediy light fixturexoxo, JulieIKEA has light kits for hanging lights. Crab one or two.  In addition, pick up a couple of shades. IKEA has shades that can convert from lamp to hanging fixture (be sure to ask an associate to be certain you are getting the right one).   I used is burlap trim for upholstery skirting.  I used a standard lamp shade, smaller at the top and larger at the bottom.  The burlap will have to have seams to fit the smaller circumference of the shade.
  • Begin by gluing about six inches at a time to the bottom of the shade, start at the shades seam, (use the edge as your guide).
  • I go the entire distance around the shade gluing the bottom of the trim or burlap.
  • Leave excess and don’t completely glue your closing, leave 4 extra inches.
  • The seams should be cut at to fit the circumference for that portion. Measure and then divide to space your seams 6 to 10 inches apart depending on the size of the shade.
  • Glue the underside  or left hand seam edge first.
  • Then pare the other side by lining up over the glued left side.
  • Create a glued him at the end of the trim to match up with the seam of the shade.
  • Glue and hang per package instructions.
  • As an added effect glue two sides of the trim together to create a chain cover and hang.

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