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Spring lighten up crystal 2So, Brad car is in the shop and we are both using mine; this leaves me a little housebound. Okay, a lot housebound…so much so that I got on a cleaning and organizing frenzy in an effort to create more space in my little house and lighten up my load. This led me to my dresser/vanity. I began by tidying things up a bit and then took a good look at the lamp that was…well, taking up my entire dresser.

That creative spark hit me…I need to get this stupid lamp off my dresser and buy a hanging light. You know what comes next? Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to Ikea I go. I picked up two Nymo shades and two hanging light kits. My next stop was the fabric store to pick up trim that would add just a touch of detail to the blank white shades. The light kits don’t have an on or off switch, so my last stop before pulling out my glue gun, was ACE Hardware “to flirt with Roy, just a little” and grab two plug in lamp dimmers.

My little spring DIY lamp project took about two hours total, not including the time I spent flirting with Roy. I’m really happy with the results. I have more space, better lighting and a fresh look for spring.
Spring lighten up 4bedroom lamps for springLighten up DIY ingredients:

Glue gun and glue sticks
2 Nymo shades from Ikea
2 hanging light kits from Ikea
6 yards of trim
12 yards of 2-inch wide ribbon for the chain cover
4 white hooks for hanging and two dimmer cords
Crystal drop optional

Lighten up DIY recipe instructions:

Make sure your work surface is clean. Plug in your glue gun and rest it safely while it is heating up. Unwrap and flatten out your first shade. Start to glue the first row of trim at the base of the shade and start about one inch from the edge of shade or just next to the Velcro strip. Squeeze out about 6 inches of glue at a time and work your way around the shade. Squeeze out the glue and press the trim onto the hot glue. Repeat this process until you have all the trim glued onto the shade. Apply the second trim just above the base trim and then repeated a band of trim at the top of the shade. Once you have all the trim applied to both shades, follow the Ikea instructions to assemble the Nymo shade. Connect the light kits by following the Ikea instructions.

Optional chain cover instructions:xoxo, Julie


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