diy little gold teapot gift set

diy gold tea setdiy gold tea setIn the spirit of all things gold this week, why not pull out the good old gold spray paint and get cracking on those homemade Christmas gifts? Image packaging this little set with some yummy teas, truvia and honey…sweet right? For a little added whimsy (couldn’t help myself) I wrote on the sugar and creamer with a sharpie and brushed a quick clear sealer over the top. It took me several try’s…way to much java!

The DIY recipe is below. Have an awesome day and don’t let anyone take your bling…gold bling that is. Smooches xoxo
diy little gold tea setdiy little gold tea setDIY little gold tea gift set.DIY little gold tea setDIY little gold tea gift set.xoxo, JulieDIY gold teapot gift set. {Note: I’m thinking no microwave…ever}

• One white teapot (HomeGoods $7.99)
• One white cream (HomeGoods $3.99)
• One white sugar bowl (HomeGoods $3.99)
• Blue painters tape (ACE Hardware)
• One gold spray paint (ACE Hardware)
• One black sharpie
• One steady hand…clearly, not mine!

Recipe instructions:

Clean and dry the teapot, creamer and sugar bowl. Tape off the areas you want left white with blue painters tape. In a well-ventilated area, spray the exposed remaining white areas with gold spray paint. Wait about 30 minutes and move the items to get to the hard to reach areas. Once the items are dry, remove the tape. Optional writing on the edge of the gold and white; too much coffee for me this morning…

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