DIY little white chair

diy little chairHi Loves…Happy hump day! I was going to share this little chair with you months ago, but I decided to wait until after I finished working with my Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential on her darling apartment project (see here).

So, here it is…the little chair that could. As usually, I got the chair rehab started and then thought to myself…hmm, I should take pictures…dah! This would explain why I don’t have a true before and after. The chair was actually dark black and brown cane with some nasty varnish that kept coming to the services. The project details are below. Thank you for stopping in, smooches xoxo.
chair 2ribbonchair detailDIY Project Details:

I picked up the chair at a consignment shop. It wasn’t exactly inexpensive, because this is actually a well-known high furniture manufacturer. The first step is to remove the cushion and take it to a professional upholsterer. To get started on the chair, sand, sand and sand some more. Use a fine sand paper and it’s best to just sand by hand. Once you are done sanding clean the chair with a moist towel. Prep your paint area and be sure to protect from overspray. Spray the chair from every angle and be sure to turn it upside down after spray coats dry. You have to look at the chair from every angle so that you can spot the areas that need more paint. Cane furniture is especially hard to paint because the texture of the cane makes it hard to get solid coverage. I use ribbon to mark the spots I need to come back to with more paint.

For the gold detail on the two front legs; tape off the completely dry white (best to wait one or two days) and be sure to cover the rest of the chair with plastic, so gold overspray does not hit the white. When the gold is dry and the white is completely covered install the finished cushion.xoxo, Julie

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