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raise the windowI wish a blog was a little more like a phone. I would call you up and ask you how you’re doing and what’s up? You would be happy to get my call and tell me all the details, big and small that are going on with you, your life and family; and I would be so excited to listen and then of course end up telling you about what I’m up too. Instead, I have to start off telling you what’s up with me without you asking. It’s like an echo. I have to start it then it comes back “okay, I guess it’s a little bit like a phone, but I don’t get to listen to you first…which I love. Oh-well.”

This leads me to today’s post…what’s up with me? Well, I’m nesting…I’m spring cleaning, I’m making changes, I’m focusing on me and I’m pulling my tools out.

One of the first things I say to clients when I enter their home is; we have to raise those curtains or blinds. For whatever reason, I’m so busy focusing on other people that I completely overlooked my own space. I have been living in this little Beach House and never raised or added to the windows for almost a year now. Seriously? Hello Julie, take care of you…just a little.

Raising the shades and adding panels adds height and width to the room. It’s a simple fix and makes a big impact in the way the room feels when you’re in it.

P.S. I thank you for being here with me…I appreciate you and your comments/e-mails so much! Smooches, xoxo
toolsme install 2murphyxoxo, Julie

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