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sup cover

sup door arrangementYippee…It’s Friday! I hope you had an amazing week? Mine was actually a little out of the ordinary.

I had my dearest friend who lives about 5 hours from here call with a 911 on Wednesday. You know what it’s like when you know someone so well that you can read his/her mind? In fact you’re so connected to this person that when each of you thinks of the other one the phone rings with them on the other line. We have been connected this was from the moment we met. In fact, when we met she had hired me to design her home and basically, we fell into amazing friendship love and we have been connected ever since!

That’s the kind of friend and call this was. She was scared and really…really sick. Her Mom wasn’t going to get to her until late Thursday night and she was just too sick to be alone.
kale for fresh front door arrangmentSo hi-ho, hi-ho if off to her I go, but instead of drive or rent a car, Brad thought I should give the train a try. Well, let’s just say I was slow to like the idea and even slower to like the experience. Any-who, I made it to her and I made it back with a tale to long to go into.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to barf all the details at you next week…just saying.

front door arrangment

kale whats up door arrangementI know…I know, what’s up with the DIY project? This is a little freshening up on the Noel door arrangement I did during the holidays. I used fresh kale and eucalyptus. It’s a simple little update to freshen up the front door.

To keep the kale fresh, I used Mimi’s plastic Starbucks cups filled half way with water “sorry Mimi, those darn cups are just so handy.” Oh-and SUP is short for (what-sup?)

Have a splendid weekend loves! Smooches and xoxo


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