diy vacation beach retreat part one

room inspirationOkay, so I have had a complete change of mind on the decor direction for turning the guest house into a vacation beach rental. First off the long term tenant moved out while I was away in the desert. She was a doll, but maybe not the best at keeping things tidy! What I had hoped would be a quick turn around has turned into deep cleaning that will include scrubbing down all the walls, repainting every square inch, stripping and refinishing the tile floors, replacing tile in the shower and kitchen counter, new fixtures and a new fresh front door.  All this leads me to my second reason for skipping the custom upholstery and going for ready made affordable accessories that will help me make the place charming without giving my wallet a heart attache.

The spark in the color inspiration came from the adorable stripped rugs by Dash and Albert from my local decor source Bon-Bon Home. Additional to rugs came the dog painting. It’s not the work of art I bought for Brad, but it’s cute and sets the stage for a fun and playful vacation retreat.  I’m still going with all white upholstery and bedding. I took the below pictures today…just a little work to do! Right; Ha Ha!

P.S. not sure what color green that is on those cabinets, but it’s going…bye bye. xoxo smooches until tomorrow.beach retreat makeovermake over beach cottagehome make over projectthe worst green on earthbeach retreat paint colorsxoxo, Julie

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