Entertaining Tips Sips and nibbles

sips and nibblesHey Loves, Happy Hump Day! Do you ever have really good intentions about getting friends together? I mean, you get everyone to show up, but you’re not really prepared to entertain? I’m just asking, because this never happens to me. Really? except maybe every weekend?

Here’s how it goes…
.we live in a really cool vibrant restaurant/night life area
.we love getting together with friends
.they love getting with us too, “just saying.”
.we meet at our house
.have a margarita…maybe two, a little cheese and stroll for appetizers and dinner
.stroll a little more…just a few more stops
.then land back at our house and I’m never prepared for dessert…like ever!

So, drum roll please…this is my after stroll dessert. Kahlue and cream with a cookie on a sitr stick “not ever cream at my house; more like coconut or almond milk, but you get the idea.” Oh-and it’s highly likely that I would add vodka, making the innocent milk bottle a white Russian. All the friends love the Uber, so its chill. The cute little milk, bottles, tags, stir sticks and string are everywhere right now, Michaels, Home-goods. The cookies are from our local fav, VG’s Bakery, but if you don’t live here, you have a bakery in your hood to call on. The bottles and tags are re-usable, so all you need to do is have the cocktail makings and cookies on hand. Are you loveing the entertaining simplicity? I am! Smooches and xoxo
entertaining tips

entertaining tips sips and nibbles

IMG_4882 IMG_4884xoxo, Julie


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