fab find, penelopes pet spa day

Yes, even Penelope has a spa day at Rancho Solana Pet Spa.   All girls deserve one.  Penelope, Clyde and Murphy are members of our family.  It’s important to our family that they are treated with tender kindness by all people we bring into their life’s.

About five years ago I took Clyde to a new groomer because it was convenient to my work.  You know how you get an instinct feeling?  Well,  I immediately knew as I was leaving his little face behind that the place I took him was not going to be tender or sweet to him.   I couldn’t get back to him fast enough.  They already had him in the tub.  I didn’t care, I was getting him out of there.  I took my tears, my soggy dog and started my search for the best groomer.

Rancho Solana Pet Spa in Solana Beach is the Best!  Not only do they do beautiful work with the dogs, but they truly love them.  Some of Clyde’s happiest days are when he hears he is going to Pet Spa.  The entire staff is wonderful and caring.  Michelle the owner is especially sweet and someone  I now consider a friend.   People are important to us.  Why shouldn’t they be important to our precious animals.  Dog is God spelled backwards.  xoxo{The welcome sign for all guest coming that day}

{Mimi and Penelope, the dirty dog}

{Happy, but dirty.  Death breath and all.}

{Getting her pedicure}

{Romping in the day care room}

{Sweet Michelle, loving on Penelope “Clean Penelope”}

{247 South 101 Hwy, Solana Beach Ca 858-755-9318}

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