fab finds

                                  {above bling on a string found here}

Tis the Season to shop, shop, shop.  It’s also the Season to find fab finds.  I get completely distracted this time of year.  I don’t know if adult onset ADD is even anything, but I think it’s highly possible and I’m the poster adult, grown up whatever!  I go from bling to shabby chic stuff to Penelope…what’s wrong with me?   I like way too many things and I’m not focusing on the big picture, which is God, family, people and the magic of Christmas.

Did you hear me just put myself in check?  Yep, I think I just gave myself the focus turn around I needed.  It’s not about anything other than Jesus and the celebration.  Enjoy every moment of traditions and the people we’re all blessed to have in our lives.  I just have to tell you.  I love this blog; it’s like a Therapist for me… smooches lovies and make everyday an event.

{there is no end to the possibilities at  BonBon home}

{stocking stuffer for Penelope found here}

{beautiful artificial succulent found here}

{my fuzzy green rain deer found here}xoxo, Julie

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