fab finds, a little bit of everything

Fab finds can happen anywhere.  Here are just a few that inspired me to post and share.  I covered everything, bling, bathing suits, comfy upholstery, stylish cocktails and yes, even a little pink tennis with Penelope.  Make everyday an event…                           {Pink tennis balls for dogs, love it, Muttropolis}

{Perfectly upholstered chair from Jack Thomas Home, I could hardly resist!}

{These vintage seltzer bottles scream for Michael.  Lauryn, don’t you think so as well?  I should have grabbed them then, but o-well, guess I have to go back to Laguna.  What a sham!}

{Bring on the bling for Penelope, dog collar from Muttropolis}

{Not so much a fab find, but if I put my tennis cloths on, Penelope finds either my purse or tennis bag to jump into to make sure I don’t leave her behind.}

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