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fab finds at consignment shopOkay, you hear me talk about consignment shopping all the time. This is one of the reasons why. You find one of a kind treasures that you had know idea you were looking for. That one item can turn out to be the perfection a room, a space, a nook or you…needed. Look everywhere and leave no shelf unturned. When you like something; think about how you might use it…then think about doing something outrageous with it. You have an imagination…now let it work for you. Smooches and have a fab Wednesday.

PS, send me a message if you want me to follow up on any of the items you see. xoxo
here…fab finds at consignmentfab finds at consignment{You have to look in every corner, cabinet, alcove…whatever; treasure is everywhere. I Love this painting!}fab finds at consignment store{Baskets are dangling everywhere. Why go buy brand new when you can grab something better with more interest. Seriously, everything consigned has a history; I find that fascinating.}mirror fab find {I’m afraid to go see if this mirror has been sold. It is Amazing! It would be the coolest replacement for a bathroom vanity or behind a bar. It has a masculinity that screams to me. I envision the mirror hung with super cool hardware or even big leather belt buckles and straps…so cool.} fabulous dog bed{Honestly, for those who are into the Chic Chinoiserie, this red dog bed has a whole new life ahead of it. Imagine painting it gold and covering the cushion in Himalayan Lamb fur…just say-n, it could be the bomb dizzle.}fab consignment storeconsignment findFunque Consign/Design828 N. Coast Hwy 101 #C, Leucadia, Ca 92024, 760-633-9700

Website: funquedesign.com

xoxo, Julie

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  1. Hello Julie!

    Happy Halloween! So interesting this post! I never buy brand new furniture, I love when I choose a piece of furniture, that it tells me a story 😀 The mirror is so nice! I have something similar a little smaller, it’s an old farm’s window that’s been changed into a mirror and the wood white washed. Anyway, enough blabla…

    Have a wonderful day!
    XOXO Sherri

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