fab finds, dot dot dots

{fab find here, kate spade black and white adorable case}

Everywhere I look, I see dots, as in polka dots.  I love them!  They have a personality all their own.  They even make me giggle and smile on the inside.  Polka dots have a way of being effortlessly whimsical while still having a sophistication and yes,  even style.   Bring on the dot, dot, dot and don’t forget to make everyday an event.  Smooches and hugs too. xoxo

{adorable dog bowls found here at Muttropolis}

{Ann Taylor bling dot bangles found here}

{kate spade polka dot window, love it!}

{Love-n this red polka dot leash for Penelope found here, Muttropolis}xoxo, Julie

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