Fab Finds for Styling a Living room

styling a living room 3

//Blue Chandelier//White Sofa//Bold black and white pillow//Pink Zebra Pillow//Gold Coffee Table//Aqua Stone Sculpture//Pink Pouf//Gold Fortune Vase//Pink Peonies//White Diamond Rug//

Hello Loves, Happy Tuesday! Jumping right in… I have a new virtual client (virtual, as in I’m styling her home from my office) fun, right? I’m working with her very definite style, but she wants to take it up a notch by making some replacement purchases.

This is the vision board for her living room. Usually, I’m all about economics, but Emerson is ready for what I call investment pieces. For example, buying a really good quality sofa from somewhere other than Ikea, if you get what I mean? The kind of pieces you hang onto for a long time.

Any-wow this is the final vision board and all pieces that she has decided on. I’m personally smitten with the blue chandelier and the gorgeous coffee table. We space planed the room, so that when everything arrives, Emerson can just point to where everything goes; Easy-peezy, right?

Enjoy your evening and thank you for being here with me! Smooches xoxoxoxo, Julie

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