fab finds for the vacation beach retreat

dash and albert zib zag pillowI am in constant motion to get the vacation retreat put together. We had workers in there all day getting the bathroom tile fixed. While they were scrubbing, cracking and hammering…I was hitting one fab find after the other. Today’s catch fetched me this adorable zig zag pillow from my personal obsession Dash and Albert, found at my local design source Bon-Bon Home. california beach cottageThe concept is starting to take shape with the Dash and Albert, via Bon-Bon Home in Solana Beach cool colorful rug and pillows. All the other items in the room will lack color, white upholstery and bedding as well as a neutral all over paint color that includes accents of  pure white…basketsI adore storage solutions, especially for a small space and these baskets from Home Goods are really gorgeous and well made. When you see something at Home Goods that has possibilities, you have to grab it! Keep the receipt; you can always return it…can’t tell you how many times I have given myself a swift kick in the ass for walking away from a fab (once in a lifetime) find.Dash and AlbertYep…Dash and Albert again, via Bon-Bon Home.  “Quick confession,” I have owned many Dash and Albert items and they hold up! Seriously…they are almost indestructible…and that’s what I’m looking for.  This little comfy stripe will be on the bed, just beyond the bold color of the sitting area. It sounds so vast when I say it that way…like it’s big, but actually the space is 18 by 12 and I’m using every inch…california hula hoopYes…it’s a hula hoop.  Why not?   You have to have fun toys at the beach and I saw some seriously adorable 20 something year old girl hula hooping on the beach and her body was crazy perfect. Oh, there I go…another confession. Yep the hula hoop is for me. The vacation renters will never see it… xoxo  and have a fabulous tomorrow. xoxo, Julie

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