Fab finds lighting

shauna pendantShauna kitchen optPendant fab finds, here is your connection

1. Pendant rope with glass found here $365.00 on sale for $342.00
2. Rustic glass three bulb lantern found here $$299.00
3. Glass rope single bulb found here $297.00
4. Square cage four bulb lantern found here $701.00
5. Square glass lantern with four bulb found here $1,008.00
6. Wood and wire cage pendant light found here $259.00
7. Diamond cage pendant single bulb found here $375.00
8. Copper lantern found here $169.00
9. Square glass with white fixture found here $259.00styling lightinglighting 2Styling the dinning room lighting

1. Round glass shade chandelier found here
2. Rectangle candle chandelier found here
3. Square two tone cage chandelier need two found here
4. Circa rectangle chandelier found here
5. Round rustic candle chandelier found hear
6. Bent wood chandelier found here
7. Arch iron chandelier found here
8. Round rustic rope hung chandelier
9. Distressed wood chandelier
10. The cage wood rectangular, rustic found here. space for grace
01. The bed can be purchased here
02. The second option with higher price is here, not velvet much nicer brushed canvas
03. The tweetie bird pendant light can be purchased here
04. The dresser can be purchased here
05. The white chandelier Grace loves is here, but its $644.00. More than I originally posted

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