fab finds solo on cedros

It’s no surprise to any of you by now; I love to stroll the streets of Cedreos in Solana Beach, California.  At Solo there is no end to the amazing one of a kind treasures that can be found.  Things are always changing on Cedros.  You are certain to find that one special “thing” you can’t leave behind and maybe even can’t find anywhere else.  Solo is a cool one story urban building.  It resembles an airplane hanger and the doors are always open.   I have my favorite go to items, like the beautiful coffee table books.  I covet them!  Or the individually displayed one sheet wrapping papers and of course satin ribbon in every color.  This is only part one of what Solo has to offer, so stay tuned for part two and what ever you do, leave yourself enough time to enjoy all that Solo is… xoxo

                                      {framed shells}

{paper tablet of place mates}

{delicious candles and soaps}

{perfume and candles}

{ribbon in every shade of lovely}

{sheets of wrapping paper}

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