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gray day fab findsgray day fab findsAny interest in the real story behind today’s post? As if maybe I won’t tell you…right? The truth about this post is my over the top ADD kicked in and I couldn’t stop shopping. For the record I credit my ADD for all my creative ideas and energy. My head is constantly working. Any-who, my original shopping started out of the need to find a client of mine a gray faux moose head. Do you even see a moose head in these pictures? You do not!

However what you do see is delicious cashmere, boots I must have and all the other cool stuff I came across on my shopping journey into the gray. Below are the fab finds and where to get them. Enjoy your evening…smooches xoxo

1. Yummy Cashmere throw found here.

2. Seriously the cutest boots for gray weather days…ever

3. Candles that have texture like a comfy sweater…count me in.

4. Sunglasses, Tory Burch…enough said.

5. Delicious cashmere sweater…you can do no wrong in cashmere!

6. The perfect salad bowl for festive season entertaining.

7. Wrap me up…I will take 6 each of these amazing towels.

8. Even you tiny little toes need some cashmere love.

9. I’m feeling daisy today. Perfect sent for a cozy winter.xoxo, Julie

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  1. Hi Julie,

    That’s all what I would need here, the cozy Gray things for the gray weather we have here 🙁 and cold…

    I love all neutral Colors, starting with gray, beige, creme , white and taupe…
    Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. I would try your recipe with a little less Brown sugar , 3/4 cup butter and instead of white sugar I would try powdered sugar. Does it make sense?

    I hope you are fine, I enjoy sharing stuff with you, I feel like I know you as a friend, I hope you don’t mind… I would love to meet someday! Have a very good day,

    XOXO Sherri

    1. Sherri,

      I think you’re an absolute doll and I hope one day we have an opportunity to meet.The gray post was fun. I’m obsessed with the metallic boots! If I don’t get them for Christmas, I’m getting them for myself.

      I so appreciate your suggestion on the chocolate chip cookies. I’m going to give it a try. We have a ton of family in town this coming weekend, so the cookies will be on the menu. Smooches friend! xoxo

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