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pamper your lips If you are here with me, I really…really, thank you for being here! I also want to share something fabulous with you, because that’s what good friends do for each other.

It’s only the most amazing lip-gloss on the face of the planet. Seriously, I’m as picky as they come and I’m OBSESSED with True Lipz. Here are just a few reasons why. First off, I have this awful autoimmune disease that is in my mouth. With my condition I have to be very careful about products. Crap products will cause me pain and swelling.

True Lipz is the first gloss that I have been able to wear in years, because this product is so pure and clean. They use the purist lanolin in the world along with avocado oil, jojoba oil, castor seed oil and sap from the dragon blood tree.

It is honestly like putting a moisture blanket on my lips and the colors are gorgeous with just the right amount of pigment. I know I’m gushing on, but I want to share the secret with my friends.

In fact…surprise, guess what my girlfriends are getting for Christmas. Yep, you guessed it True-Lipz!Benifits-of-True-Lipz
True LipzOkay and as if the fact that it’s the best gloss in the world wasn’t enough, check out the perfect packaging. They have thought of everything, a sleek mirror on the edge and a light on the applicator. “Crazy brilliant, right?”

I heart true lipz

Lights up menuAll right Loves, this is a fab-find like no other. The best darn lip-gloss on the face of the planet. Trust me on this one True-Lipz is the Bomb-Dizzle.

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement, this is my authentic opinion about an awesome quality lip-gloss. I just love ya-all and wanted to share with you. Smooches xoxo

Flash-GroupF020_9b1acba6-24f2-41ea-bf39-5060f4a5c264xoxo, Julie

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